Tomorrow's Trailblazers

Tomorrow's Trailblazers
Overview of Program Curriculum

1st Steps 2 business offer a new service,Tomorrow’s Trailblazers" is a purpose-driven program tailored to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to under-resourced youth, ages 16- 24 years old. The program will provide essential practical business skills and ethics training, thereby bridging the opportunity gap and preparing youth for successful futures as entrepreneurs and beyond.

By teaching the concept of business basics and ethical principles, fostering innovative thinking, and allowing youth the opportunity to explore the creative process, this initiative aims to empower and unleash the next generation of business leaders, and cause impact in their communities.


To introduce and equip youth with essential skills and guidance that will enable them to understand the fundamentals of business concepts and explore the process of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Program Structure and Delivery

The program comprises a set of 16 weekly training modules, covering individual and group projects, reviews, and discussions. These sessions, conducted at a consistent pace during classes, enable students to grasp and put into practice the knowledge gained. The teaching method is adaptable, offering both virtual and in-person presentations for flexibility and accessibility. While in-person sessions are preferred to facilitate social interaction among students, both formats are available. Classes are offered twice a week.   .

The modules provide engaging, practical learning experiences covering various aspects of business development. Students delve into creating business ideas, distinguishing between products and services, perfecting their pitching skills, understanding customer demographics, identifying competitors, selecting suitable business names, exploring fundraising methods, and comprehending the significance of business ethics. These sessions aim to offer hands-on, interactive learning opportunities, ensuring a real-world understanding of key entrepreneurial concepts.

Program Cost –The price for each student over the 16-week period is $49.99.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world where every young individual can possess the ethical practices, innovative spirit, and practical skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of business and entrepreneurship. Through education, mentorship, and peer collaboration, we aspire to cultivate a community of empowered business leaders who drive positive change, champion and create impactful solutions that shape a brighter future for society and the economy.



Bachelor’s in Education/Minor in Business


Nasdaq Women’s Entrepreneurial Center

Uplift of Michigan (S BDC)

Advancing Black Entrepreneurs Chase Bank


Women’s Entrepreneurship  with Cornell University


Nasdaq Women’s Entrepreneurial Center 

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